Monday, 27 April 2015

YouTube Camp Task and La Muerta Mask

Squidge started the week with a marathon session on the Winky Think app that a friend recommended, he absolutely loved working out all the puzzles. 

Sprout watched a Skylander Boy and Girl video where they visited the sanctuary where Winter the dolphin was rescued, told me all about her story and asked me to get the dvd of her film so that's now on its way.

He asked whether dolphins are endangered so we looked it up.

After a morning out to meet up with their grandparents for a coffee, we came back and had lunch in the garden. Sprout went in for the afternoon as he didn't feel very well, and Squidge and Moppet stayed out and build sandpit cities...

...and bounced :)

Moppet and I read her new frog book which has facts about frogs, stories, stickers, activities and a mask, she spent ages with it and really enjoyed it, I'm going to keep an eye out for others in the same series (Animal Planet My Wild Life).

We also read a load of other books together.

Squidge played on the British Museum app for a while, and then re watched Night at the Museum 3.

When Sprout reappeared from his sickbed-duvet-bundle, he played minecraft for a while and showed me how this screen glitch looked like the Great Wall of China and how he'd design a custom map based on it.

They all played some hot wheels together.

We checked on the tadpoles and the seeds we'd planted.

They wanted to know if tadpoles have eyes so we looked it up.

Sprout set up a YouTube channel for his camp, and did a couple of videos for his first challenge, including playing Bean Boozled which was, shall we say, a taste experience!

His channel is here, he'd love any views/likes/subscribes!

Squidge asked me about what flamingos eat and we chatted about that for a while.

Moppet and I put up some new posters, and she pointed out each thing and asked me about it.

She wanted to know what tawny owls sound like so we looked it up.

Then we read the Wildlife Watch magazine we had from the staffordshire wildlife trust.

They played out with their friends later.

The next day Sprout was still ill, so he stayed in bed and watched Smosh videos and things about Skyrim. Squidge, Moppet and I played Fireboy and Watergirl together, then Squidge watched Power Rangers and played Spore and Technic, while Moppet watched some Dora videos and looked at some story books. They each kept taking snacks and drinks up to Sprout to try and make him feel better :)
They also played with hot wheels together, and then magnets...

... Squidge made a satellite with Geomag ...

...then he worked on his minecraft house while Moppet and I made a cake.

This, just because :)

Sprout spent a morning designing a Mentoes dispenser out of Lego.

Squidge watched some Inspector Gadget.

Once he'd done as much as he wanted to on his dispenser, Sprout watched Wild Kratts, first the bat episode and then the basilisk lizard episode, then told me all about the lizards and the ways in which they walk on water. Then his new Dolphin Tale dvd arrived so he excitedly watched that and told me all about it.

We all made masks out of paper plates, Squidge did a double sided Skylanders one which was Kaos on one side ...

...and Lobstar on the other.

Moppet wanted a Book of Life one, so we put La Muerta on one side...

...and Xibalba on the other. Sprout's was a walrus from Wild Kratts.

While we had straws out we decided to make shadow puppets for the puppet theatre. Moppet wanted to be shown holding a bag of crisps, Sprout as Winter the Dolphin from Dolphin Tale, Squidge as half him half Lobstar, and Squidge's friend as half him half dragon.

Sprout checked up on his YouTube camp messages and was pleased to have one from his camp counsellor about his videos :)

While Moppet watched Peg Plus Cat, and Squidge played out with a friend, Sprout watched some more Wild Kratts. Later we had a conversation about whether polar bears dance, whether if you've never seen a polar bear dance it means no polar bears dance, the burden of scientific proof, orbiting teapots, space debris, earthworms, and he also told me about mating rituals in which birds dance. 
He talked a bit about how people who are blind find their way around, and then we talked about Daniel Kish who uses echolocation, and Sprout told me he'd watched a film about him and he'd taught lots of children how to do the same thing.

He then told me about the 'milk' that pigeons feed their young, and wanted to know more about it so we looked it up.

He then told me about the electrostatic traction that geckos use to climb walls, and I looked that up for myself as I'd not heard of it.

Before bed Moppet wanted a pattern on her arm like La Muerta's patterns, so we did that.

The next morning Moppet 'cooked' meals in her play kitchen, Squidge wasn't well and stayed in bed and watched Power Rangers, and Sprout watched *loads* of Wild Kratts and told me lots of things about lots of different animals.

The boys had asked for another hot dog day so we made that happen :)

Squidge still wasn't well so he stayed in a skyped with his friend next door.

Sprout played some custom Roblox levels.

There were tickle fights, and several games of 'you'll never get away' :)

Two wee people requested haircuts :)

Sprout played with making different patterns using toilet paper as streamers.

Squidge and Gruff had a couple of sessions of PE Minecraft on LAN together.

Gruff and Sprout built the next few sections of the 3D printer together...

...then made several pieces of art with toilet paper :)

Moppet made Peppa pig cakes and let Squidge be sous chef :)

Monday, 20 April 2015

Planting Seeds and Saltwater Trees

Sprout played Roblox while Mummy Moppet took Baby Squidge for a 'drive' :)

We read some books, starting with Squidge's new Power Rangers book, and then lots of books Squidge had chosen about myths and legends from around the world, gods and other mythological creatures, vampires, werewolves, unicorns, creation myths, and then a nature explorers book gave us some ideas for catching insects and making bee houses.

Moppet and I watched Meet the Orangutans while Sprout and Squidge played Roblox and watched Skylander Boy and Girl doing some taste tests.

We watched Walking with Dinosaurs...

...Sprout and Moppet sat together while he played Roblox and she watched Bubble Guppies.

We all went outside on a sunny day and planted some runner beans, peas, courgettes and tomatoes.

Then they coloured in their pop up garden kits and planted their cress seeds in them.

I cut out some tree shapes from a pizza box, and they assembled them and stood them in some salt water.

We left them to see what would happen.

While Moppet watched her favourite Dora episode (with the arriba abajo song), Sprout played some castle miner Z, then the boys went out on the trampoline.

Squidge and I popped out for some Mummy and Squidge time, then when we got back he watched a bit of tv and then went out and played with his friends.

He and Sprout played Sprout's game invention of Top Trumps Hearthstone. 

I set up a make your own ice cream bar as a surprise for them :)

We made the twisty dress up characters with plastic cups that we'd seen on a video on facebook. They loved it! 

Moppet made one where she could be a knight or stuck in a butterfly net, then she asked me to make one of her so I made one where she could be a pirate, a fairy, a mechanic or a doctor, she loved it :)

Squidge made one where he could either be a spider or someone stuck in a spider's web :)

We did top your own pizzas for lunch...

...and went and ate them in the garden.

They watched this bumblebee for a while and the boys explained pollination to Moppet.

They saw a little bird and wanted to know what it was so we looked it up.

They checked on their tadpoles and were pleased to see that some were swimming around.

Sprout wanted to know how long people have been around, so after a brief discussion on the definition of the word people and the various species involved in and around our evolution, we looked up the answer...

...which led to questions about how long everything else has existed for.

After some more Hearthstone Top Trumps, a bit of Evantube, and some videos of vintage McDonalds toys, the boys trampolined together for a while :)

Sprout and I played some Nerf Hot Wheels Top Trumps Hearthstone.

Moppet and I read some books.

Sprout took the plastic cup activity and expanded on it, making a story cup where with each turn of the outer cup the little guy was in a new scene of the story, it was brilliant :)

Sprout wanted me to read Pearl's Ocean for everyone (it was his toddlerhood favourite bedtime book and now we read it from memory), which led to the question of, if swordfish actually do catch fish with their nose, how do they get them in their mouth?? So we found a video of a marlin doing a similar thing and saw how they do it...

...which led to the question of whether a swordfish is the same as a marlin.

Moppet had some milk while simultaneously giving her baby doll some milk ;)

We had a home ed group trip to Enginuity for their power buggies workshop.

(This is a Sprout selfie from inside the giant tyre)

They planned their team name, theme and sponsor.

There was some discussion on our team of what size wheels F1 cars have so they could decide what size wheels to put on their mini buggy, so we googled.

After some initial upset because they had different ideas, Sprout and Squidge ended up working really well together to design and build their buggy.

We sat in view of this lovely bridge for a picnic lunch.

Then returned to finish off the buggy.

Here is their circuit-based design, with decorative wiring and high five aerodynamic spoilers.

A test run...

...then the time trials, through which Moppet, unprompted, cheered loudly for each of her brothers in turn :)

The boys were over the moon to come third :)

They enjoyed playing some more in the museum afterwards.

Moppet was tired so chilled out with a drink and a snack.

Back at home Sprout helped Gruff change the ball joint on his van.

Squidge helped put the wheel back on.

We all played with the tesselating cats that we bought from Enginuity.

Sprout and Squidge played Infiltratkng the Airship on the pc the next day, then Sprout and Moppet played some instruments while she sang Let it Go.

She played some more with her box, pretending to be a baby box.

Squidge played with his minifig creator app.

Moppet and I read some more stories...

...and played hand puppets


Sprout turned the box into a 'voice activated' dispenser machine, stocking musical instruments and giant ants.

Our caterpillars arrived, and everyone had a look at them before we put them ready to spin their chrysalises.

Sprout and I went out for a while to a brilliant sweet shop that I'd told him about, then we came back and we all had a film night together and watched Night at the Museum 3.

We had the first bbq of the year...

...Squidge and his friend put all the fresh sand in the sandpit and had a play...

...built a city with areas for everyone/..

...and played together in the sun :)