Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Big Hero 6 and BMX Tricks

There was a lot of outside play this week, from Moppet's pretend picnics out on the drive for her babies, to *lots* of football in the street, to trampolining and water fights and running down the fields.

Sunday saw our annual egg hunt :)

Squidge, Moppet and I had a trip to see Big Hero 6 (which was BRILLIANT) at the cinema, and had a quick game of air hockey on the way out.

Sprout played chubby bunny with the easter marshmallows :)

Squidge helped Gruff pump his tyres up before they went on a little ride and he showed Squidge some wheelies too :)

They all had some ice cream, and Sprout used the money that his great aunt sent him for easter, to buy all his friends ice cream when the van came round. <3 him :)

Sprout had the idea for a Doritos taste test, which Gruff won :)

Squidge and Moppet did some geoboard pictures.

Moppet played with her zhuzhu hamsters :)

Sprout joined in :)

We went to the home ed park meet on a *very* sunny day

Moppet played with her animal habitats sticker book

Squidge and Sprout painted their Easter egg ornaments.

Squidge played the Tate's Secret Dancer which we hadn't been on for ages.

Sprout skyped with his friends and played on the Mineplex server.

Moppet made some dough ice creams.

The boys had some friends round to play, they all played various Xbox games together and played lots of 'don't touch the ball' on the trampoline.

Squidge showed one of his friends how to make balloon animals.

Sprout spent the night with his grandparents, they all watched the ISS come over plus they did a jigsaw together, then went shopping together the next day and Sprout bought a few things with some birthday money he had left still.
Squidge, Moppet and I had a spur of the moment trip to Prestatyn with friends :)

Next day Moppet helped me decorate an easter cake to take with us to their grandparents' house.

Squidge played some Lego minifigs app.

We all played twister.

And, most excitingly, they all got to spend some time with their baby cousin :)

We cut the easter cake and found the surprise hidden inside :)

Sprout showed his auntie some of his games and told her about them, and played with some of his uncle's vintage transformers and got some tips :)
There were also some surprised reactions to Squidge saying he'd had enough cake (perfectly ordinary behaviour from him thanks to radical unschooling principles, but I forget it's not expected of children!) One for  another blog post maybe :)

Friday, 3 April 2015

Config Files and Frogspawn Piles

Finn started the week experimenting with the configuration file of five nights at Freddy's 3.

The boys played with Moppet's kitchen with her, and then built hot wheels tracks together. We had friends over, there was a lot of Skylander gaming and some dough, dolls and kinetic sand :)
Moppet turned herself into a Skylander.

We retrieved our now very saggy egg from the golden syrup, Sprout worked out that the water had moved out through the membrane, I told him that was called osmosis and explained the direction, and in addition everyone vowed never to make contact with the egg again so there endeth that experiment :)

We visited their grandparents to swipe some frogspawn out of their pond. Squidge also built a scorpion model, organs and all.

Sprout played Cluedo with his grandpa.

Squidge and Moppet played Dice Head.

Sprout translated some coded messages.

Moppet and her grandma played Noah's ark, and made a dominos game out of the animals.

Back at home Squidge and Gruff did some puzzles together.

Meanwhile Sprout played some more FNAF3 and told me some more about what he thought the background story was and who created the bad guys in the first place.

We went back to their grandparents' house the next day as we'd all managed to leave things there we didn't mean to. Squidge and Moppet played Mr Bucket.

Squidge watched how his grandma fixed his trousers.

Sprout watched some Nerd Cubed videos.

Moppet put on a puppet show...

...and played games on the trampoline.

The boys played bat and ball, then we all played twister.

We also took turns playing each other at Connect 4 and Squares.

And Moppet got read lots of stories by me and her grandma alternately :)

That night Sprout and I went out for some one on one time, he chose mcdonalds and played some Sprinkle on their tablet and chatted about various stuff.

The next day we went to a home ed group we haven't been to in ages, the kids did an easter trail, unscrambled a word, blew bubbles, and built some dens. The kids all loved it and are really looking forward to going back.

King Moppet and Captain Squidge (as they named themselves) built a castle together (Moppet called it her Kings-ly Home) :)

Sprout took advantage of the expanse of quiet area to go and have a peaceful sit down :)

And then we investigated down some steps they wanted to explore.

Sprout bought some secateurs in the wildlife trust shop, and did some pruning when we got home.

We homed the frogspawn once the water had acclimatised.

Squidge pointed out our apple tree looks like a cyclops :)

We had a day in, watched Earth to Echo again, the kids had a friend round to play, and Moppet bathed her babies and peppa pig's family. Squidge played on Code Playground, and Moppet played Endless Numbers.

The next day Gruff took Sprout to the Festival of Power at Santa Pod.

He drove a tank! (Mini, but apparently with proper controls.) Both awesome and exceedingly cute all at the same time :D

Played on the videogame bus...

Rode on a monster truck...

And took lots of pics on the way home :)

Squidge and Moppet watched some tv together (mostly Team Umizoomi), played hot wheels, built with blocks, then while Squidge played CoD with his friend, Moppet helped me make some roti.